Sharpe Magnum

This portal aims to provide all of the relevant information about the foundations of Sharpe Magnum.
Supercharge your staking yields with Magnum!
Sharpe Magnum is a leveraged staking layer that is built on top of lido stETH combining Morpho and Aave to increase staking yields. Magnum functions as a staking optimizer, enhancing the capital efficiency of staking pools by effortlessly leveraging staked assets via lending protocols and flashloans loans while maintaining the same underlying guarantees.
Sharpe Magnum is used in the same way as Lido, Stader, or any other staking protocol. The key distinction is that instead of staking assets 1:1, Magnum uses flashloans to increase exposure to staked assets while ensuring that collateral and leverage are healthy, and it monitors positions using on-chain oracles and automated smart contracts.
Magnum, in a nutshell, is the gateway to decentralized staking. Instead of staking directly with your favorite staking pools, such as Lido, Stader, and others, you are better off using Sharpe Magnum.

Key features:

  • Improved APYs of staking pools: Sharpe Magnum improves the capital efficiency of staking pools, allowing users to earn higher APYs on their staked assets.
  • Non-custodial: The platform uses trustless, decentralized smart contracts that give users complete control over their funds. This ensures that users' assets are always safe and secure.
  • Same guarantees and liquidity: Sharpe Magnum builds on top of existing infrastructure and staking pools. Magnum mirrors the liquidity of existing staking pools and can seamlessly boost APYs while maintaining the underlying protocol guarantees and deep liquidity.
  • Risk monitored: On-chain keepers perform continuous risk monitoring and can automatically de-leverage the system in the event of potential losses. This helps to ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform and the steady yields it provides.
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