Sharpe Perp DEX

Sharpe Perp is an omnichain decentralized orderbook perpetual DEX built on Orderly that aims to provide a high-performance, low-latency trading app for traders looking to trade perpetual futures.

Sharpe Perp is a hybrid orderbook model that combines the best features of centralized and decentralized exchanges, allowing Sharpe Perp to offer centralized exchange performance with low latency and concentrated liquidity while providing full transparency of decentralized exchanges and full self-custody of funds.

Core Benefits of Sharpe Perp

Transparency: All orders are visible to everyone, which makes it difficult for market manipulation to occur.

Security: Orders are settled and stored on the blockchain, which makes them very secure because of the immutability of data.

Efficiency: Orders can be executed very quickly and efficiently, thanks to the use of a high-performance matching engine.

Self-custody: Users have full custody of their funds, which eliminates the trust assumption in the protocol and guarantees solvency.

MEV Protection

Sharpe Perp also includes a number of features to protect users from MEV (miner extractable value). MEV is a type of arbitrage that can be used to profit from the delay between when a transaction is submitted to the blockchain and when it is confirmed. Sharpe perp MEV protection features include:

Fast matching: The sequencer matches orders very quickly, which makes it difficult for MEV extractors to front-run trades.

Batching: Transactions are batched together before they are submitted to the blockchain, which further reduces the risk of MEV.

On-chain settlement: All trades are settled on the blockchain, which ensures that traders are not vulnerable to MEV attacks.

Getting Started

  1. Connect your crypto wallet by clicking "Connect Wallet" in the top right. Sharpe Perp supports all major EVM wallets including Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Base chain.

  2. Deposit collateral by clicking "Deposit" and selecting the asset you want to use from the list. You can deposit from any supported blockchain.

  3. In the trading interface, select the perpetual contract you want to trade from the list of markets.

  4. Set your leverage level using the slider. Higher leverage means higher potential profits but also higher risk.

  5. Place your order by selecting "Long" or "Short" and entering the size and price you want.

Your funds never leave your wallet during trading on Sharpe Perp. Leverage and positions are managed through on-chain smart contracts.

Risks and Cautions

  • Leverage trading carries a high risk of liquidation if positions move against you

  • Do not trade with funds you cannot afford to lose

  • Self-custody means you are responsible for securing your seed phrase/private keys


If you have any other questions, check out the FAQ or contact the Sharpe support team at or create a ticket on our Discord.

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