This portal aims to provide all of the relevant information about $SHARPE Token.
The Sharpe Protocol's governance token is the Sharpe Token, also known as $SHARPE. The Sharpe DAO, consisting of Sharpe token holders and delegators, is responsible for governing the protocol. The governance system employs a weighted voting mechanism in which the number of $SHARPE tokens held determines voting power. The token initially launched by Sharpe Labs is non-transferable, but this can be changed through a governance proposal.
Sharpe Token holders can vote on various protocol changes, such as:
  • Deploying Sharpe core smart contract deployments across multiple networks and protocols.
  • Deploying dApps built on Sharpe SDK across multiple networks and protocols.
  • Decentralizing the hosting of the protocol's front end.
  • Managing the DAO Treasury.
  • The token serves as a reward for participating in the Sharpe ecosystem, providing incentives such as fee sharing, revenue sharing, referral bonuses, and rewards for dApps building on top of the Sharpe Protocol.
  • Token holders can vote on critical decisions related to the development and management of the Sharpe Protocol, such as product design and function, new product launches, and advanced product additions.
  • Value Capture: The token enables the accrual of fees generated by the Sharpe Protocol and is an essential component of the guild program that allows developers to build on top of the Sharpe protocol.
  • Other proposals
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