Sharpe Earn

What is Sharpe Earn

Sharpe Earn is a decentralized asset management platform that revolutionizes the DeFi space by creating managed accounts using Account Abstraction and Smart Accounts. This product serves as a powerful frontend for earning yields in DeFi, enabling users to execute, manage, and tailor their strategies directly from their Non-Custodial Wallets (Externally Owned Accounts) like MetaMask, Ledger, Coinbase Wallet, Trezor, and others, effectively eliminating the requirement for having a vault for managing assets.

Sharpe Earn is designed to provide a simplified, secure, and enhanced user experience within the DeFi ecosystem. The interface is crafted to be intuitive and accessible, ensuring that users can efficiently manage their strategies and portfolios with ease.

Key Features

  • Institutional-Grade, Self-Custodial DeFi: Focuses on earning high yields in DeFi securely.

  • Simplified DeFi Strategies: Offers a one-click solution for investing in optimal yield DeFi strategies.

  • Boosted Earnings: Unlocks higher yield potentials across various protocols and chains.

  • Full Control and Custody: Ensures users maintain complete control over their funds through self-managed vaults.

  • Customizable Strategies: Provides tools for dynamic adjustment to market conditions.

  • Verifiable and Transparent: Offers on-chain verifiable processes for transparency and peace of mind.

  • Adjustable Leverage: Enables boosting of earnings in DeFi with adjustable leverage options.

  • Access to Blue-Chip Protocols: Allows investments in top-tier DeFi protocols like AAVE, Morpho, Lido, and Rocketpool.

  • Automated Yield Management: Automates the management of positions for effortless yield generation.

  • Worldwide Wallet Adaptability: Offers universal wallet integration for asset management.

Use Cases

  • DeFi Portfolio Management: Ideal for users seeking to manage and optimize their DeFi investments with enhanced security and control.

  • Yield Maximization: Suitable for those looking to leverage advanced strategies for higher returns in DeFi.

  • Strategic Investment in DeFi: Beneficial for investors seeking easy access to top-tier DeFi protocols and customizable strategies.

  • Automated DeFi Engagement: Perfect for individuals who prefer an automated, hassle-free approach to managing their DeFi positions.

How Sharpe Earn Works

Sharpe Earn is a professional investment platform that allows users to create investment strategies while keeping their funds in their wallets at all times. This is achieved through the use of "proxy vaults" or "DeFi Smart Accounts." Unlike traditional vaults that follow the ERC4626 standard, Sharpe Earn ensures that each investment position is in a separate sub-account, preventing any overlap of positions or pooling of assets, thus eliminating shared economic risk.

Your funds are managed directly from your wallet through Sharpe Earn's smart contracts or DeFi Smart Accounts. These Smart Accounts interact with the DeFi protocols you choose. When you use Sharpe Earn, you sign transactions that execute these smart contracts, allowing you to perform actions like leveraging LSTs (Liquid Staking Tokens) or investing into an index. Importantly, you never need to send your funds to a third-party address or entrust your funds to anyone else. You maintain full control and ownership of your funds and positions at all times.

Self-Custody and Decentralization

Sharpe Earn is not a vault but a decentralized managed accounts platform. Unlike platforms that use the ERC4626 standard, Sharpe Earn is entirely self-custodial, providing you with greater control and flexibility over your investment portfolios. With Sharpe Earn, you can achieve what vaults offer, but with the added benefit of always maintaining full control over your funds.

Sharpe Earn does not hold user funds. Users always remain the sole owners of any portfolio they invest in through Sharpe Earn.

Security and Audits

Sharpe Earn prioritizes security and transparency. The platform has undergone rigorous audits to ensure the safety of user funds and the reliability of its smart contracts.


Sharpe Earn charges a 0.01% fee of the total value of your transaction when opening a position. There are no management or performance fees charged by the platform. However, it's important to note that leveraging staking may incur swap fees charged by the DEXs and flashloan fees when opening, closing, or modifying a transaction.

By leveraging Sharpe Earn, users can access a comprehensive platform for multiplying DeFi yields, offering a safe and easy way to manage, track, invest, and automate DeFi assets using any wallet, all while maintaining complete control and custody of their funds.

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