Sharpe Base

Sharpe Base is a DeFi automation and execution environment designed for pro-traders and institutions. Our unified platform streamlines DeFi asset management, execution, and custody and provides traders with a comprehensive environment for earning yields, building strategies, advanced DEX trading, lending automation, and much more.
Our enterprise-grade non-custodial SuperApp is designed specifically for DeFi power users, trading teams, and institutional investors combining sophisticated yield strategies, optimal trade execution, and reinforced leverage within a secure, user-centric UI. The inclusion of customizable and automated solutions, along with auditability and API integration, makes Sharpe a versatile and powerful go-to middleware in the institutional DeFi space.
Sharpe Base is the protocol powering all of Sharpe Products. Sharpe Base is built on Safe and ERC-4337 for building on-chain asset management products to exist in a complete self-custodial environment and re-imagine the infrastructure for managing assets in DeFi.
Sharpe is now live on the Arbitrum mainnet as an Early Access gated product, currently in beta testing with select users. Sign up here for Early Access.
Last modified 27d ago