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Initial Distribution

Initial Distribution:

The total supply of SHARPE tokens is 100,000,000, with no additional tokens to be created in the future. The token issuance process is designed to incentivize the community, drive value capture, and provide a mechanism for governance. Initial Distribution (Community Token Airdrop Epochs) of $SHARPE Token:
The initial distribution of SHARPE Tokens is engineered to foster a robust community engagement from the outset, embodying a strategic airdrop mechanism over distinct epochs. This phased distribution not only ensures fair dissemination of tokens but also incentivizes early and continuous engagement within the Sharpe ecosystem.
Genesis Allocation:
A predetermined number of SHARPE Tokens are minted at Genesis, setting the stage for the initial distribution. The Genesis Allocation is meticulously structured to catalyze community engagement and foster a sense of ownership among early adopters.
Community Airdrop Epochs:
The community airdrop is orchestrated over several epochs to ensure a broad and equitable distribution among community members. Here's a breakdown of the airdrop epochs:
  • Epoch 1:
    • A substantial portion of SHARPE Tokens is distributed to early adopters and active community members. The allocation is tailored to reward early engagement and support for Sharpe Labs.
  • Epoch 2:
    • Following the initial epoch, a subsequent distribution is conducted to reward sustained engagement and to welcome new members into the community. This epoch sees a distribution to active participants, developers, and contributors.
  • Epoch 3:
    • As the ecosystem matures, further distribution is orchestrated to incentivize ongoing community initiatives, development projects, and active governance participation.
  • Epoch 4:
    • The final epoch of the community airdrop aims to solidify the community foundation and incentivize long-term engagement and contributions. This epoch sees a broader distribution encompassing active community members, developers, and governance participants.
Points System:
Community members can accumulate points through active participation, contributions, and engagement within the Sharpe AI ecosystem. These points serve as a representation of their contributions and can be exchanged for SHARP Tokens upon launch. A well-defined mechanism is established to ensure a transparent and fair points accumulation and claiming process, providing a tangible way to measure and reward community engagement.
Milestone NFTs:
Milestone NFTs are introduced as a unique mechanism to reward significant contributions and engagement within the Sharpe ecosystem. These NFTs are unlocked upon reaching certain milestones, offering a gamified experience and additional incentives for community members.
  • Silver NFT: Unlocked upon depositing $1,000 USD in the strategy, offering exclusive access to certain platform features and community events.
  • Gold NFT: Unlocked upon depositing $10,000 USD in the strategy, encompassing all Silver perks along with additional platform utilities and recognition within the community.
  • Diamond NFT: Unlocked upon depositing $100,000 USD in the strategy, including all Gold perks with top-tier platform utilities, exclusive event invitations, and a distinguished status within the community.
Community Treasury Vesting:
A portion of SHARPE Tokens is reserved in the Community Treasury, which vests over a predetermined period. The vesting schedule is designed to provide a continuous influx of tokens for community initiatives, contributor grants, and incentive programs. The distribution percentages over the years are structured to ensure a sustained engagement and to fuel future ecosystem growth.
  • Year 1: A significant portion is vested to kickstart community initiatives and incentivize early ecosystem growth.
  • Year 2: A lesser portion is vested, continuing to fuel community-driven projects and governance participation.
  • Year 3 and Year 4: The vesting continues on a declining scale, incentivizing long-term engagement and ensuring a steady supply of tokens for community initiatives.
Claiming Mechanism:
A transparent and user-friendly claiming mechanism is established to allow community members to claim their allocated SHARPE Tokens during each epoch. This mechanism is designed to ensure a seamless claiming experience while maintaining the highest standards of security and integrity.
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