Token Distribution

Please note that there is currently NO Sharpe Token live. Please be cautious and ONLY trust information from our official channels. Any claims of a live Sharpe Token are false and potentially harmful.

Token Supply & Distribution

The $SAI token has a maximum fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. There will be no inflationary monetary policy or additional token issuance beyond this hard cap.

The tokens have been allocated to various stakeholders, early contributors, the community treasury, and several rounds of investment distribution as follows:

Allocation Breakdown

- Seed Round: 6.67% (66,666,667 $SAI)

- Strategic Round: 6.67% (66,666,667 $SAI)

- Public Sale: 1% (10,000,000 $SAI)

- Team & Advisors: 15% (150,000,000 $SAI)

- Ecosystem Development: 20% (200,000,000 $SAI)

- Marketing & Airdrop: 13% (130,000,000 $SAI)

- Treasury: 20% (200,000,000 $SAI)

- Liquidity: 17.67% (176,666,667 $SAI)

Vesting Schedules

The tokens allocated across the seed, strategic, public, and team & advisor rounds all have vesting schedules in place to ensure long-term incentive alignment:

- Seed Round: 10% unlocked at TGE, 3 month cliff, then daily vesting over 15 months

- Strategic Round: 20% unlocked at TGE, 2 month cliff, then daily vesting over 10 months

- Public Round: 20% unlocked at TGE, 2 month cliff, then daily vesting over 8 months

- Team & Advisors: 0% unlocked at TGE, 12 month cliff, then daily vesting over 24 months

The ecosystem development and marketing/airdrop allocations have their own vesting schedules of 36 months and 18 months respectively, with initial unlocks of 2% at TGE for ecosystem development.

The treasury allocation of 20% vests over 24 months, with a 1 month cliff and then daily vesting. The liquidity provision allocation of 17.67% vests over 36 months with no initial unlock.

This graduated vesting approach protects against any premature sell-pressure and incentivizes long-term participation from seed investors, the team, and ecosystem partners.

Initial Distribution & Airdrop Epochs

A key focus is getting $SAI tokens widely distributed to the engaged Sharpe AI community from the outset. This will be accomplished through a series of 5 airdrop "epochs" to active platform users and contributors.

Sharpe Points Program

To determine token allocations in the airdrop epochs, Sharpe has implemented a "Sharpe Points" program that allows users to earn points through verifiable on-chain activities and engagement with the platform.

Some ways to earn Sharpe Points include:

  1. Use Sharpe Products:

  1. Active Engagement

  • Platform Activities: Actively engaging with the Sharpe app contributes towards earning more Sharpe Points. These points are calculated retroactively and are not immediately visible to prevent gamification.

  1. Social Quests

  • Galxe Campaigns: Earn points by completing social quests and engaging in Galxe campaigns.

  • Conversion: Galxe loyalty points will be converted 1:1 for Sharpe Points at the end of Season 1 Airdrop. The snapshot date will be announced soon via our official channels.

The more Sharpe Points a user accumulates, the higher their $SAI allocation will be in each airdrop epoch through a transparent distribution mechanism.

Sharpe Season 1 Airdrop

The first Sharpe Points distribution incentivizes early adopters of Sharpe Earn. Some highlights:

  • Register on Sharpe app = 100 Sharpe Points

  • Each $1 supplied/invested/traded on Sharpe Products = 1 Sharpe Point

  • Additional points for leverage usage as points are calculate on notional volume

  • Rewards on active engagement

This first airdrop will distribute a substantial portion of the marketing/airdrop token allocation, rewarding early users and supporters of the Sharpe platform.

Airdrop Distributions:

Airdrop Season 1: A substantial portion will be airdropped to early adopters and the most active community members in this first epoch, rewarding their early support.

Airdrop Season 2: Following the initial drop, a subsequent distribution will sustain engagement and welcome new users into the community, rewarding active participants, developers and contributors.

Airdrop Season 3-5: Further distributions as the Sharpe ecosystem grows to promote activities like development, governance participation, marketing/content creation and other value-added contributions.

This graduated distribution approach brings the tokenomics closer to real utilization of Sharpe's products while incentivizing early adopters and contributors over time.

Token Utility & Use Cases

The $SAI token has been engineered with specific utilities and use cases in mind to ensure it captures value and is deeply integrated into the core Sharpe AI ecosystem:

1. Platform Governance

Token holders will be able to participate in the decentralized governance of the entire Sharpe AI platform. This includes voting on key protocol parameters like fee rates, new product/feature proposals, upgrading smart contracts, project budgets and more.

A governance framework and voting system will be established, with voting weight determined by each user's $SAI balance and tokenholders able to delegate voting power to third-parties like DAOs or community influences.

2. Revenue Sharing

A core value capture mechanism is the $SAI revenue share model. Sharpe AI will generate revenue from trading fees across its DEX, Perpetuals exchange, bridges, and future product lines.

A portion of this generated protocol revenue will be distributed back to $SAI tokenholders on a pro-rata basis each quarter or epoch period. This incentivizes holding $SAI long-term and aligns tokenholders with the growth of the protocol's revenues.

3. Fee Discounts

$SAI holders will receive discounts on trading fees and other service fees across the Sharpe AI product suite. The discount rate will increase the more $SAI tokens are staked, incentivizing token staking.

More information on fee discounts will be released soon.

4. Staking Rewards

There will be opportunities to stake $SAI and earn rewards, such as staking to save fees or get early access to certain products, validating AI model outputs, or tasking work related to the platform's infrastructure. These staking rewards will be paid in $SAI.

5. Access to Premium Features

As Sharpe evolves to a freemium + subscription model, holding $SAI tokens may be required to access premium data services, trading tools and other advanced features.

Revenue Model & Value Accrual

Sharpe AI has multiple revenue streams that $SAI holders can derive value from:

Trading Fees:

Sharpe DEX (decentralized exchange)

Sharpe Perpetuals DEX (perpetual futures markets)

Sharpe Cross-Chain Swaps & Bridges Sharpe NFT Marketplace

Subscription Fees (Future):

Sharpe will transition to a freemium + subscription model for institutions and power users, generating SaaS revenue

Data & API Fees:

Institutions and funds can access Sharpe's aggregated data sets and execution APIs

A significant percentage of the revenue generated across all these verticals will be distributed back to $SAI tokenholders through the revenue share program. As Sharpe's product suite and institutional userbase grows, so will the accrued fees and $SAI token holder value capture.

Community Treasury

20% of the total $SAI supply (200,000,000 tokens) has been allocated to a community treasury that will vest over 24 months on a daily emission schedule after a 1 month cliff. The treasury will provide a sustainable reservoir of funds to invest in developing the Sharpe ecosystem.

Initiatives that can be funded from the treasury include:

- Grants for new internal product development and features

- Integration with other projects

- Covering operational expenses and hiring top talent

- Additional ecosystem incentives, marketing and liquidity programs

- Funding future $SAI airdrop epochs and user acquisition initiatives

The treasury will be controlled via the $SAI governance system, with token holders able to vote on budget allocations, development roadmaps, and treasury disbursements. This model aligns long-term token holder interests

Governance System

Decentralized governance is a critical component, allowing the community of $SAI tokenholders to control key decisions involving the protocol.

Governance Process:

1. Any $SAI holder can submit a governance proposal

2. Proposal details are published for public discussion

3. If it meets quorum, the proposal goes to an on-chain vote

4. Votes are weighted by each user's $SAI balance + delegated votes

5. If the majority votes 'yes', the proposal is implemented

Initial Governance Focus Areas:

- Protocol fee parameters and fee distribution models

- Treasury budget allocation and funding proposals

- New product/integration deployments

- Upgrading smart contracts and key infrastructure

- Partner project integrations and grants

Over time, the Sharpe AI team will transfer more governing powers and responsibilities fully to the community of $SAI tokenholders and protocol administrators.

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