Sharpe Earn

Sharpe Earn is a significant advancement in DeFi asset management by creating managed accounts in DeFi using Account Abstraction and Smart Accounts. This product serves as a powerful frontend for earning yields in DeFi, enabling users to execute, manage, and tailor their strategies directly from their Non-Custodial Wallets (Externally Owned Accounts) like Metamask, Ledger, Coinbase Wallet, Trezor and others, effectively eliminating the requirement for having a vault for managing assets. Sharpe Earn showcases a stride towards a more simplified, secure, and enhanced UX within the DeFi space. Our interface is crafted to be intuitive and accessible, ensuring that users can efficiently manage their strategies and portfolios with ease.

The technical sophistication of Sharpe Earn shines through its design, which enables the bundling of various DeFi transactions as a single-click solution for a smoother DeFi asset management experience. Sharpe Earn elevates the user experience, reducing the traditional complexities tied to creating DeFi transactions. This design not only simplifies the management of DeFi strategies but also aligns well with the broader aim of enhancing user interaction with advanced strategies and increasing engagement within the DeFi space.

Sharpe Earn is not aimed to be just a yield-earning platform but rather our long-term goal is to make Sharpe Earn the default middleware for pro-traders and Institutions to earn yields in DeFi in a non-custodial way. Over time, Sharpe will partner with crypto funds to build on-chain hedge funds building on top of the Sharpe Base protocol.

Sharpe Magnum

Sharpe Magnum is an ERC4626 wrapper built on Sharpe Earn to allow for leverage products to exist on Ethereum. The first product being released is a leveraged staking layer built on top of Lido stETH, bringing the powerful functionalities of P2P lending on Morpho v2 and Lido's liquid staking yield to significantly boost staking yields. By leveraging staked assets seamlessly through Morpho using Aave flashloans, Sharpe Magnum amplifies exposure to staked assets whilst preserving the same underlying guarantees that are fundamental to user confidence. This innovative mechanism transcends the conventional 1:1 staking models, employing flashloans to enhance exposure to staked assets, all being monitored through on-chain oracles and automated smart contracts, thereby ensuring healthy collateral and leverage state at all times.

The key features of Sharpe Magnum underscore its value proposition. By enhancing the Annual Percentage Yields of staking pools, providing a non-custodial architecture, mirroring the liquidity of existing staking pools, and enabling continuous risk monitoring by on-chain keepers, Sharpe Magnum proves to be a gateway to decentralized staking. Its ERC4626 vault mechanism allows for the creation of leveraged stETH positions on the Ethereum network, thereby solving the low capital efficiency challenge prevalent in traditional staking pools.

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